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archaeology, biology, zoology & much more.
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Sphinx Thinks creates accessible media for anyone interested in life on Earth - past and present, human and animal, plant and planet - from experts to new learners. Our mission is to provide interesting content through various mediums, so you can choose how you learn.

Fascinated by ancient civilisations? Curious about climate? How about primates and plants? Sphinx Thinks has something for everyone - seriously, not a cliché. Or everything for someone who wants to learn it all. Explore our deep past, its links to the present and possibilities for the future. 

Dive into episodes of our podcast, watch clips on our YouTube or catch up on the latest series of Our Human World (also available on YouTube). If you prefer to read: check out the posts on the website, whilst you're here!


Recent Episodes

I'll be interviewing specialists, leading researchers and passionate figures to find out about their field, interests and what the future holds. 


From the emergence of life and evolution of us, to the first civilisations and innovations that got us where we are today.​

We have it all.

Image by Trevor Cole
Humanity & History

Humanity has taken many forms.

Explore our evolution, movements across Earth and how humanity changed the world.

Health, diet and disease discovered through bones, stones and genes. And the anthropology of culture, hunting, farming and art.


The past is more than just ruins.  

Archaeology, zooarchaeology, geoarchaeology through time.

The material record tells us where innovation began and how humans shaped their landscape.

Image by Chromatograph
Animals & Earth

The emergence of life. Animal evolution. Primatology. Zoology. 

How have animals shaped our Earth?

How did evolutionary features develop?

Why do birds have feathers?

How have humans lived alongside animals?

Climate change. Geology. Ice Ages. Plants past and present.

How has the world been shaped by the past?

How did humans change the environment?

How did life adapt to the environment?


And so much more.


What to expect?

Short entries on new discoveries. Long articles on stories of the past. Light-hearted tales of cultures. Deep insights into life on Earth. You can expect all that from Sphinx Thinks' articles.

Our articles are categorised by the following topics:

ArchaeologyHumanity, Animals, Environment

Where can I read them?

Currently, these can be found here on our website. If Sphinx Thinks is popular enough it may be possible to produce a magazine in the future - please, show your support and hopefully we can make this happen! 

What does the Sphinx think?

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Our Human World 

Don't miss the incredible insights into the past in the brand new series: Our Human World.

New episodes Saturdays 9pm. 

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