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What is the podcast about?

The first series of episodes will work through time with each having a themed topic. Starting with ‘Primatology’ to kick off the human journey, it will then progress to ‘Evolution’, ‘Ancestors and innovation’ before working through civilisations as well as themes such as ‘Astronomy and inventions'. 

I'll be interviewing specialists, leading researchers and passionate figures to find out about their field, interests and what the future holds. When I'm not interviewing others, episodes will feature me discussing topics I find relevant and interesting.


Chronologically progressing through time: from the emergence of life and evolution of us to the first civilisations and innovations that got us where we are today.

Like everything Sphinx Thinks produces, the podcast will glimpse into all areas and questions on life. We can look to the climate of the past and see how it has and will shape us. Explore animal life on Earth and zoo-archaeology. And delve into the societies that have been and past, as well as those of today, discovering what we can learn about our lifestyle from others.

What is the purpose of the podcast?

To introduce archaeology, anthropology and earth sciences to a wide audience. It's for families, students, graduates and anyone who is interested really.

It's a passion project and a source of information which I would have liked to have had when I was first getting into archaeology.


Where can I listen?
It will be published on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and other podcast streaming platforms as well as here!

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